Welcome to our kennel

Here in Spartan Arena kennel we breed top quality Rottweilers. Rottweilers that are mentally healthy, with good character and very good health (hyp/elbow dysplasia free, heart scans).

All our Rottweilers are coming from the best bloodlines around Serbia and Germany, we spend lots of time studying on pedigrees in order to breed very high standard rottweilers. Our aim is to preserve  the old style Rottweiler temperament, strong working drive, courage, stability and cool temperament at the same time aiming to breed dogs with correct conformation, strong bones, strong head, and genetic soundness . All our puppies have the genetics to take part and compete in any morphology/working shows. We do not exhaust our  females with repeated pregnancies. We raise each litter as they were our kids and we only give them to loving owners.

We don’t give puppies to: people that don’t have any experience on handling dogs since the Rottweiler is not for amateurs, it is them the reason that we find rejected rottweilers on the streets. And genneraly people that don’t deserve to own a living creature, people that neglect and disrespect the Rottweiler. 

Enjoy your visit