About Us

Our names are Christos Arampatzoglou (GRE) and  Natasa Radovanovic (SRB) and we are the owners of Spartan Arena Kennel. Our love for the Rottweiler made us come close to each other and together we  do our best to breed top quality rottweilers for more than 10 years now.

We live in Agia Triada, Thessaloniki and Vrsac, Serbia. Most of our dogs we keep in Vrsac and the reason for this is that Serbia is the centre of the world for the Rottweiler, some of the best dogs in the world are located in Serbia and having our base there makes it easier for us  to be able to breed our dogs with top quality males and females. Also the distances we travel with our dogs  in Serbia in order to visit shows etc are  small  so we don’t put our dogs under stress from travelling long hours.

We hope you will like our Rottweilers and we will be glad to share our passion on breeding Rottweilers with you.


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Spartan Arena Rottweilers

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